Thanks for the Mammaries

A couple weeks before my surgery, we hosted a potluck at our house. I was so touched to see all my friends come over to show their support.

This was a really big step in the whole process. It allowed me to share the experience with friends and be open to accepting help from others after surgery. If you think throwing a party for yourself is a dumb idea, that’s exactly what I thought. In fact, many people in my Facebook groups had mixed feelings about the idea. Being on the other side now, I can say, you should definitely do it.

My friend Cherie made the PinTa-Ta Pinata. We all enjoyed taking a whack at them.

pintata pinata.001

Before we had the whacking of the Pinta-ta, my husband surprised me by reading this poem out loud. He always surprises me with his creativity and it was a nice way to keep the atmosphere of the party light and humorous. I am so lucky to have him along for this journey! He has continued to surprise me!

A Poem by Robert Wilder

Christina, sweet Christina, my dear
How the air left my lungs, the first time I unhooked your brazier 

My heart then, as well as now, flutters 
Whenever I see your beautiful utters

I’m not trying to be rude
I’m not calling you a cow
But for real baby… Dayum, Hmmm, WOW!

You’re a rocker with those knockers
A straight shooter with those hooters
A felon with those melons
A thug with those jugs

Look, I know this is an important matter
I didn’t mean to make you jiggle… I mean giggle

I know I’m sounding like a boob
But what really titillates me is your bravery

You’re an inspiration to many
Because you blogged about your ninnies 
As BRCAwesome you’ve blessed your readers with truth, knowledge, and humor
Like a plotter

People are so inspired by your courageous decision,
Your friends, family, me and your daughter

We couldn’t be more proud of you and hope there are no lags
Now hurry up and heal so we can all stare at your new fun bags

I’ve got your back, that fo’sho
Like an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder
I will support you, just call me your “Bro”  

So let’s all shout out a loud “hip hip hoorah-rah”
For this love lady’s soon-to-be new and improved incredible Ta-Tas 

The evening ended with an amazing rainbow and it felt like everything was going to be okay.

rainbow 2

I’m now almost 6 weeks post op and will be updating my blog with more content about surgery and recovery. Up until now, I’ve been focusing on healing.